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Autumn on the Prairies

This Thanksgiving was a trip back to the Prairies for some family time and creating some farm imagery. Areas visited were Sukonen Museum, Moose Jaw, and Tuxford, Saskatchewan.

The state of the prairies lifestyle is intriguing to me. The advances in technology has made most of the early farming families move on, and left relics of a prosperous time to go back to the land. When land claims were being made after the Dominion Land Act of 1872 you could move here and lay claim to farm a quarter section for only a $10.00 processing fee. Now the ‘family’ farm harvests 96 of those sections every year.

Barn sunset 1
Barn sunset 2
‘Mackerel sky, not long wet, not long dry’
Old Timey Truck
Visiting the graves of passed loved ones:

All the photos here: