Go West Young Man, Rogers Pass

Hot laps on Grizzly Shoulder – Dec 21, 2014 from RTown Banff Television on Vimeo.

There’s been a bit of a lull recently in the Banff snow scene, it’s all well and good as some of life’s other responsibilities have taken up my time. Usually when such things happen I start to get twitchy and can’t sleep very well. There is only one cure and it’s to have a dirtbag ski mission to follow some snow!

Crust they said. Only good above 2100 m they said. Don’t bother they said. Well they were wrong, and here’s why.

With some blind faith and a healthy dose of no F***s given, I convinced haphazardly for the likes of Carter McMillan and Keegan Capel to come skiing with me. We headed out to Rogers Pass to ski a zone that I’ve been in a few times and knew would at least be safe enough for storm skiing. What we found was very good skiing above 1700 m and good skiing down to the highway mixed with Alder gate bashing that would have made my Edmonton Ski Club race coaches proud.

After an initial day of climbing, we continued the budget living with a stop with some of Carter’s friends and a new concept I learned about called Freedom Beers. I first thought that ‘Merica had crept it’s way silently into this party, but what it actually means refers to the slightly damaged brewery cans that have misprinted labels or dents on the side, etc. The Freedom part is that employees get to take as many of this red headed stepchildren cans home for immediate consumption. Translation: Free no strings attached beers for Ski Bums! Pretty much heaven.

Once I awoke on day 2 Freedom actually seemed to mean oppressive-pounding-headache-beers, however nothing could stop us from getting another powder day in with 14 new cm’s on top of already good skiing from the day before.

Day 2 saw a bigger shred possé with a few Revy and Golden locals Kyle, Luke, Mitch, Jay, Kye. The word was definitely out about the conditions because we saw double the amount of cars in the parking lot on Sunday morning. It kept snowing hard on us through the day and we decided to play in the trees again and mess around Grizzly shoulder one more time. This time we found gnarnia and huge rock walls leading into a very aesthetic gully feature. More snow and more good times. I can’t wait to get back around the goods at Rogers Pass.

Banff November Storm

This has been one of Banff’s biggest storms that I’ve been witness to. Add to that, terrain openings at every ski area over the days of the storm and we had some pretty special conditions. Thanks to everyone that skied with me over this trip! Carter McMillan, Keegan and Garrett Capel, Vince Goyette, Michelle Brazier, John Walters, Andrew Hardingham, Simon Moffatt, and Griffon Larose

Sunshine Village Thursday:
Some good times were had at Sunshine today! #mybanff #powpow #skiing

Louise Friday / Saturday:

Norquay opening day on the Big Chair. What a special storm we’ve just had here’s a little preview of how things went at Norquay yesterday at opening.
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