Freedom of The Skillz – Capow

I recently got asked to come along and help shoot an early season Mountaineering Camp with Marty Schaffer and Canadian Powder Guides. Of course, I jumped (quite literally, see below) at the opportunity.

It also gave me the perfect chance to put my Helly Hansen Odin jacket through the paces of mucky muck in the Rockies. Thanks Helly Hansen and John in the Banff Store for supporting my habit!


I’m still riding high from learning some great rope skills in an environment of amazing people that transformed some very dry material into a party weekend. Chris Rubens mentioned that it resembled a ‘guide’s training’ that so many of the mechanized ski operations go through every year. The camp got us all stoked up to ski with the main message being ‘don’t fall in a crevasse, and you have no problem’. That being said now we can all trust ourselves a little more to be a good ski buddy when the shit (or partner) goes down.


Nights were spent hearing impactful presentations from Chris Rubens and Greg Hill with a lot of fireside chat. I also got to meet a passionate and talented photographer Bruno Long (he had one of my favourite Powder covers last season), we made nice after the initial Canon Nikon fanboy uneasiness.



Seriously though, add this on your season start up and you’ll be ready to make good decisions in the mountains.

Group stoke:

Full Gallery of the Camp Here (adding more all the time):

Autumn on the Prairies

This Thanksgiving was a trip back to the Prairies for some family time and creating some farm imagery. Areas visited were Sukonen Museum, Moose Jaw, and Tuxford, Saskatchewan.

The state of the prairies lifestyle is intriguing to me. The advances in technology has made most of the early farming families move on, and left relics of a prosperous time to go back to the land. When land claims were being made after the Dominion Land Act of 1872 you could move here and lay claim to farm a quarter section for only a $10.00 processing fee. Now the ‘family’ farm harvests 96 of those sections every year.

Barn sunset 1
Barn sunset 2
‘Mackerel sky, not long wet, not long dry’
Old Timey Truck
Visiting the graves of passed loved ones:

All the photos here: